Teeth form an important part of our identity. They frame our facial appearance and are responsible for formulating correct speech and diction. They are important for the self-esteem and confidence of a person.

With failing dentition or problems in front teeth, patients faced the challenge of being toothless for extended periods. However, with the latest advances in technology and superior materials for dental treatment, this problem has been solved.

Teeth in a day is a concept that refers to the replacement of a patient's dentition within 24 hours so as to reduce the downtime or discomfort of being without teeth. This is usually done with the help of implants and a prefabricated set of teeth, which are fitted and adjusted on the same day as tooth removal.

In the case of fractured front teeth, treatments can build up teeth, and temporary crowns for replacement can be provided to restore a patient's smile in less than an hour.

Advantages of these treatments:

  •  Reduced down time
  •  No social awkwardness
  •  Reduced number of visits
  •  Superior comfort

So, if you are someone delaying dental treatment due to the fear of pain, discomfort, multiple visits and prolonged toothless periods, call us or visit Hope Dental and Esthetic Clinic today to understand teeth-in-a-day options for your case.